My Favorite Outfits of 2017

It's New Years Eve and I'm sitting in bed with a cold, so I thought I'd look back over this last year and share my favorite outfits from each month of 2017. 


Plaid and polka dots are always a good combination. 


Probably the best my fringe looked all year (You'll see I had a love/hate relationship with my bangs throughout the year, but in the end the fringe won). 


Denim on denim. 


My favorite David Bowie t-shirt in a cactus garden in Nevada. 


A casual Memorial Day outfit. 


One of my other favorite t-shirts of 2017. 


A very summery dress and straw hat. 


Yet another graphic t-shirt (they were definitely my go to piece of clothing in 2017).


Gingham pants and a classic black turtleneck. 


Chopped my hair super short and got new glasses. 


Embraced a bit on an 80s vibe this month.


And a nice colorful dress for Christmas. 

It's been a good year. Also a challenging one. I'm still learning how to be patient with myself as I work towards my goals. There was a lot I wanted to do in 2017, and I did achieve a lot- from my VDC internship to finding a new apartment to taking really challenging classes in school. I've come a long way, and I'm proud of that. While there were more than a few moments when I felt really inadequate, or frustrated that I haven't accomplished more yet, I did learn that it's okay to move slowly sometimes. And I'm always doing better than I think I am. 

So here's to a great year, and all the good things to come. 2018 is going to be great. 

My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes have interested me for a long time, and I've included them on the blog before. In the past I'd put 12 items together in a "capsule wardrobe" at the beginning of each season. However, I didn't actually use those capsule wardrobes as capsule wardrobes; they were more like a compliation of my key pieces for that season, which I used with the rest of my wardrobe.

Lately Josh and I have been on a bit of a minimalist kick; we've watched a lot of videos on minimalist living, and we've been talking about ways we could downsize the amount of stuff we have. Because my closet was already overflowing, I started thinking about making a real capsule wardrobe- a small collection of items that I would wear for a certain amount of time. 

There's lots of different approaches to capsule wardrobes, but I finally decided the way that will work best for me would be to create a 30 piece capsule wardrobe for each season. Those 30 pieces include all my clothes, shoes, and bags, but not jewelry. I feel like 30 pieces will be enough to keep me from getting bored, because that's my major concern when it comes to capsule wardrobes. As someone who likes clothes and uses them as a creative outlet, I don't want to make my capsules so small that getting dressed isn't fun anymore.

 So one day I pulled all my clothes out of my closet, decided what I liked and what I didn't, and then divided what was left into spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Then I made of list of additional pieces I wanted and did some shopping to fill in the gaps. 

So here's the full list of my very first winter capsule wardrobe! 

2. Navy turtleneck
3. Celfie t-shirt
6. Mickey Mouse love sweater
7. Black embellished sweater
9. Green tiger sweater

11. Light blue jeans
12. Maroon trousers
15. Red vinyl skirt

17. Maroon dress
18. Black floral wrap dress
19. Green velvet dress

21. Blue puffer coat
22. BYU bomber jacket 
23. Maroon blazer

24. Grey ankle boots

28. Black leather backpack
29. Black beanie
30. Red beanie

After seeing what I already had in my wardrobe for winter, it was pretty easy to define a color palette. My main colors are bright red, navy, and maroon, with some green and blue accents. When I was shopping, I avoided buying anything that didn't fit those colors. That way it will be much easier to mix and match all the pieces, since they're all similar colors.

To decide what to put in my capsule, I thought about what a typical day would be like this winter. I'll be in class almost every day, and walking around campus, often in snow. So most of my items are geared towards those types of days. I also looked at major events that will be happening in the next few months- Christmas, my cousin's wedding, and my major's regional competition. I made sure I had items included for those special events. I also made sure I included some items just for fun, like the red vinyl skirt. It's not really a practical winter piece, but I like it, and I'll find ways to wear it.

I'm still not entirely sure about all the details of my capsule wardrobes, like how many items (if any) I'll share between capsules. Maybe I'll be able to cut down the number of items in each, or maybe I'll be bored out of my mind by February and want to abandon the whole idea. Either way, I'll keep you informed on how it's going. I'm excited about this experiment, and I think it will be a fun way to be more creative, while also being more conscious of my clothing choices.

Our Second Apartment: Living Room and Kitchen

I'm really excited to share the second half of our new apartment today. The living room and kitchen are one big living area. It was a little hard to make everything fit into such a small space, but we've figured out a layout that works. Mainly it's just really great to have a space with ceilings over seven feet high.

I bought this chair for myself, but Waldo has claimed it as his own and spends most of his time sleeping there. Our TV stand is a nice low height, and we store a lot of books and random tools in the bins underneath it. By some miracle, I've managed to keep a plant alive for almost five months. I like the green and freshness it adds to our apartment. 

This rack used to hold a lot of our food in the kitchen, but in this apartment we've moved it into the living room to store all our games and office supplies. 

The gallery wall is a mix of personal pictures and etsy prints, along with a great painting by my friend. I also have my Letterfolk board, which is a fun way to indulge my love of Office quotes. 

This is Josh's corner of the room, with his desk and computer. He decided to get a convertible desk, so he can sit when he wants, and also raise the desk to standing height. If Waldo isn't asleep in my chair, he's probably sleeping on Josh's. 

The kitchen is nice, but small. Luckily we've been able to find a place for everything, and I like having a big island with lots of counter space to spread things out when I'm cooking. 

And, of course, the view is one of the nicest things about the apartment. We have three big windows in the kitchen that overlook the mountains, and it's so nice to be able to open them up in the morning and enjoy the sunrise while eating breakfast. 

We really love our little apartment and have had a great time living here so far.

I Finally Need A Passport

T-shirt:Two Songs  Cardigan:ASOS  Jeans:Gap  Boots:Modcloth

Guess who just bought tickets to Seoul? South Korea, here we come! Now here's hoping our president and "rocket man" don't do anything crazy before May.

Channeling My Inner Harry Styles

Suit:The Real Real  T-shirt:Madewell  Boots:Modcloth

I feel like I can hardly scroll through Instagram these days without seeing a picture of Harry Styles sporting some crazy new suit on tour. While that's not why I decided to buy my own, I do have to admit he's certainly on to something. 
Normally I think of suits as conservative and stuffy, and just generally way too dressed up for me to wear. But this one is such a fun red, and the subtle floral pattern in the cloth makes it feel feminine. 

November Street Style

Shirt:Thrift store  Blazer:ThredUp  Jeans:Gap  Boots:Modcloth  Earrings:H&M

I don't know if it's the amount of Stanger Things or John Hughes movies I've been watching, but I'm feeling very 80s this month. While a lot of the clothes (and hairstyles) are still a little too wild for me, I do really like the look of an oversized white button down and plaid blazer. And these tassel earrings I found at H&M are the perfect finishing touch; I've always loved a good statement earring. 

My 24 Favorite Things on my 24th Birthday

1. Rainy Saturday afternoons
2. The fact that my herb garden is actually growing
3. Playing board games on the balcony
4. Living right next to the weekly food truck rally
5. The brownies covered in frosting they sell at Smith's
6. Doing face masks with my husband
7. Darling magazine
8. Stephen's mint truffle hot chocolate
9. Finding cute art on Etsy
10. Spending a day at the beach
11. The windows in our apartment that face the mountains
12. Finding time to actually read books
13. Listening to podcasts while I clean my apartment
14. Cuddling with my cat in the morning
15. Family dinners at Grandma's 
16. Las Vegas sushi rolls, particularly Five Sushi Brothers' version
17. Monochromatic outfits
18. Cream eyeshadow
19. Night skies in the mountains
20. All marble bathrooms
21. Emails from Elder Rudy
22. When my husband makes me breakfast Sunday morning
23. Visiting art museums
24. Trying new local restaurants