The ACT Saves the Day (weird I know)

There is snow on the ground.


It should not snow in March. March is spring. March is when it's windy and rainy. March is when flowers start poking out of the ground and trees grow cute little green buds. NO SNOW SHOULD BE INVOLVED. Snow is for winter and March is not winter. Snow at the beginning of March is slightly forgivable, as it is the transition point from winter to spring. But on March 2-whatever day it is today. 25th! It's practically April. No this is not okay. Not at all.

It's not that I hate snow. I actually really like snow. You can do tons of stuff with snow, like sledding and skiing, which I am a huge fan of. But I despise driving in snow. It's the worst. Especially when the snow piles up on the side of your windshield so you can't see, and then when you roll down the window and knock it off some of it falls into the car and lands in your boot. And then your feet and your hands are freezing and wet. Argh.

Luckily, when I got home from school today an ACT envelope was sitting on my desk. And I've been dying to know how I did. So I ripped it open and read it. I got a 32, which is one point better than last time. I'm so glad I did better, even if it was only by a little bit. Most of my scores were pretty similar to last time- 35 on English, 26 on math (blah, I should have studied that one more), 34 on Reading, and 32 on science. That last one actually went up quite a bit. I just wish they would have given the writing. I think that would actually have boosted my score a little more.

It wasn't the 34 that I wanted, but I'll get there next time. It's just that math section that's killing me. But I promise, this next time I'll actually really study. Really.

                                                                      Your obedient,
                                                                                  Th. Jefferson


  1. Dear Lindsey:
    As always, you sum up my feelings exactly.
    Your sis,