Marriage is in the air... or at least my conversations

For some odd reason, I've been finding myself talking about marriage a lot the past couple of days- either people I know who are getting married, how people came to be married, or what future weddings are going to be like. And some pretty hilarious comments have come out of these conversations so I thought I'd share them with you.

"If he doesn't propose soon, I'm going to buy him a box of ring pops and say 'Pick on!'" - My Dad

"They were lab partners and then they became married." - Josh Brewer

Katelyn: "Kate, you can't marry Tate while he's on his mission."
Kate: "Of course I could. We could do mail-order vows."

"I'm going to have you do my wedding- except for the getting married part. That I'll do myself." - Kate Cutchins

These napkins were just really clever. I think I'll have them at my wedding. 

Your obedient, 
                                                                                      Th. Jefferson

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