Matt, Jimmer, and Harry Potter

So last night I had a really weird dream. And this morning when I woke up I remembered it, which hasn't happened in awhile. It was a pretty funny dream though.

In my dream I was going to a play at Timpview with Kate and Whitney. It seems drama was putting on Harry Potter. Well, before we went Matt Woodruff told us that he was going to bring Jimmer with him. Apparently his family is like best buds with Jimmer's. So Kate, Whitney and I were really excited, because who wouldn't want to go to a Harry Potter play with Jimmer? We got there before Matt did, so we were sitting down near the front, waiting for them to show up, but when they walked in Matt totally ignored us, even though we yelled to him and waved for him to come over. And he and Jimmer went and sat somewhere totally different. And that made us pretty mad at Matt. So I didn't get to meet Jimmer.

But then the play started, and this is where my dream got really weird. In the play, Harry's parents were frogs. Which is strange enough, but then they got so old that they turned into little puddles with eyes. And Harry's mom told him that he had to go live with the Durdsleys because they couldn't take care of him anymore, on account of their being puddles. So Harry went to live with the Durdsleys. And that's when I woke up.

Yeah, it was pretty weird. And once again, Matt was the antagonist in my dream. Whenever any of my friends have a dream about him, which has been happening a lot lately, he always acts like a jerk. Which is completely unlike him in real life. Dreams just make no sense. If there are any dream interpreters out there, what do you make of this?

                                                                      Your obedient,
                                                                                    Th. Jefferson

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