Some interesting books to consider

I know about fifty boys that would consider this an essential item.
It details how to establish your non-zombie brigade, and how to maintain a zombie free environment. It also tells what to do in case of zombie transformation.

Other people's rejection letters? Enough said.

A must for any teenage girl. Includes "Audrey's Essentials, Zen Audrey, and Possible Emotional Upheavals".

An excellent choice for Timpview's next play. The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski is a tale of "mistaken identity, kidnapping, bowling and a rug that, in faith, tied the room together".

A hilarious collection of answers students have written on tests.
Some examples:

What is a six sided polygon known as?  A stop sign.
Mary and Mark want to find out the tenth grade's favorite color. Mary asked 50 people. Mark asked 150. Mark thinks his answer is more reliable. Why does Mark think his answer is more reliable?
Because Mark is a man

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