I know this is so predictable...

But I've been reading everyone else's 30 Day Challenges. And they look fun. So I kind of made my own, out of a whole bunch of peoples and some that I thought would be funny.


There are five of us- my dad, Bill, my mom, Jill, Me, Matthew (he's the tall one), and Spencer (he's the one with his mouth open) 

These are my parents. My dad's from New York. My mom's from Draper. They met at Indiana University. . He's a convert. She went on a mission to Guatemala. They both work at BYU. 
"Has her brother always been her brother?"
Matthew: "Yeah huh."
Dad: "Yeah nuh."

Matthew's a freshman. He really likes football. He's taller than me. He's going to go study gorillas in the African rainforest, or shoot snakes in the Everglades. 
"Spencer has a man purse. It's called a murse. Sounds like hearse, cause it kills your manhood." 

Spencer is in sixth grade. He also plays football, and baseball. He really likes to steal my camera and make videos. 

"That's the thing that temporarily killed Gandalf." 

This is Kia. She's a miniature Australian sheep dog. Her full name is actually Kiama, after a town in Australia. She's a spaz. She doesn't like boys. She loves rolling around on my bed when she's all muddy. 

Yeah. That's my family. They're pretty great. 

Your obedient, 
                   Th. Jefferson 

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