As Long as We're Imagining...

For some reason that I don't understand, Josh has decided that I'm going to a guy who possess all these weird qualities I hate. They're not really character flaws, just things that I can't stand. 

According to Josh my future husband will be... 

From Texas

A basketball player


An avid chess player

And a surgeon

I always tell him that there's no way I'd marry a guy like that, because there's no way that I would like him. But Josh always says that everything else about him would be so cute that I wouldn't be able to resist. So I've decided that the only way I'd marry a guy like that is if...


He was as attractive as this Texan 

as great at three pointers as Jimmer 

he bought me all the high heels I wanted

he would watch Yankee games with me 

and take me on romantic boat rides

he wouldn't make me live in Texas, we'd live somewhere like New York 

he was as adorably nervous as Albert

and he looked as great in uniform as this guy. 

So, yeah, I guess there is a possibility that I'd marry a 6'4" basketball/chess playing Texas surgeon. But only if he was this great. Otherwise, no way. 

Your obedient, 
               Th. Jefferson 

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  1. Oh goodness I love you, Tom. This just about made my day.