Junioritis- it exsists!

I took the AP calc test yesterday. Yeah. It was pretty tough. I could not concentrate at dance later. At all. It was bad. I officially don't want to think about math for about a month. I am done with that.

I'm also am so done with school. I thought that after the calc test, I would kind of relax and get back to normal, but now I am so unmotivated to do anything. It's sad. I really should be studying, or at least thinking about the english AP test, or working on my World History and Physics projects. But I just can't make myself do it. I'm so ready for summer. I'm so ready for next year. Next year is going to be so great, even though I"m going to be doing twice as much as this year. But it will all be fun stuff, like journalism, madrigals, and ap psych.

Only three more weeks to go. Gah!
Your obedient, 
               Th. Jefferson 

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