I used to be adorable

My mom has to renew her driver's license this week. And in her mad search for her birth certificate, she uncovered a journal she used to keep when I was little. Like, baby little. I read it this morning. It was really cute. Here are some of my favorite parts. 

March 30, 1994
Katelyn also likes music from our CD player; often in the evening when it isn't on she just stares at it. 

February 2, 1995
Today during Sesame Street Katelyn started to cry when Big Bird walked into the dance studio and disappeared. She's teething so didn't sleep really well last night so losing Big Bird and Elmo was a little too much for her. 

February 8, 1995
Katelyn is learning verbs- laughing, crying, eating and hiding (in the corner of her room by her dresser). She also is starting to use her own name more- she calls herself Kate. She occasionally says "my" too, especially when she's playing blocks because Richard Harvey grabbed his blocks from her and said "mine." 

May 1, 1995
Yesterday Katelyn got to go to a regional conference in Milwaukee where she heard her favorite general authority- Dallin Oaks, or Nokes as she calls him. Katelyn asked if we could see "Hunter" and she almost started to cry when i told her that we couldn't see him because we had to tell him "bye-bye". Sometimes she still prays for him. She did seem to feel better when I reminded her that Hinkley is still with us. 

May 14, 1995
Katelyn has started using phrases and saying I. I first noticed her using "I" when she would play on her bed in her room and say "I sack of potatoes" because that's a game we play with her- throwing her over our shoulders and calling her a sack of potatoes. Yesterday Bill took her to the drugstore and he said she went by the candy, put her hands over some and said "I need it." Then when he came home and told me about it, I laughed so she said it more. I asked her what she needed and she said "chocolate". So now she'll say, "I need it. Chocolate." 

Then my mom started writing down what I said about the day. 

January 15, 1996
I played with teacher.
I played by myself.
Saw Helen. 
Thank you Helen for balloons. 
Went sledding with Daddy.
Thank you Daddy. 

January 16, 1996
I did exercises laying down. 
We almost lost Mama's contact. 
We did the bird dance. And we tried to polka and we did do a polka. 

I wish I could remember more about being little. It sounds entertaining. 

Your obedient, 
                          Th. Jefferson


  1. I can still see you staring at a CD player...;)

  2. I wish we were friends back then...we would have had a party.

  3. Anne! Let's please live next to each other when we're old and married and then our cute little kids can play together. Sound agreeable?
    -Your sister, Lindsey