The Land of My Dreams

Last week my family went on our annual trip to New York, to visit my grandparents.

We left Sunday night at about midnight. It was not a fun flight. I was developing a cold, so I was all stuffy and had a bit of a sore throat. And it got pretty bumpy over Kansas. But we landed all right. We got in to New York about six in the morning.

This is about how all of us spent Monday. We were all exhausted. 

Tuesday night we went to a Yankees game with my grandpa and my dad's cousin and her family. 

The Yankees were playing the Brewers from Milwakee, Wisconsin.

Don't my brothers look thrilled to be there?

That's the grounds keepers doing the YMCA during the 7th innings stretch. 

It was a good game. The Yankees beat the Brewers 12-2. 

Wednesday morning my mom learned how to use her new cell phone, which was a birthday present. 

In the afternoon we went on a walk around Cranberry Lake, where my dad used to work during his forest ranger phase. 

It's really pretty there. But it was very buggy. New York mosquitoes are nasty. I got bit three times. And they itched like crazy. 

Spencer wrote this on the visitors' log as we were leaving. 

My choice of footwear for the outing wasn't that smart. Especially considering it was rather muddy.

After we'd gotten ourselves all nice and sweaty, we went to visit my dad's friends, the Quiltys. Luckily they have a swimming pool. The boys played a baseball game, dads vs. sons. And we had pizza, which in New York comes in massive slices. A large pizza is only about six slices. 

Thursday we went to Jones beach with some of my dad's other friends, the Pozners. 

I love the beach. And I love being in the water. But my mother and brothers aren't such big fans. They spent most of the time under the umbrella. 

My dad and his friend Art. 

Friday we went to another forest where my dad had worked. This one was less buggy. 

I made a much better choice in footwear this time. 

A turkey statue in the parking lot. 

Spencer found a branch to use as an antler. 

My dad decided to take us off trail to get to some grove, and soon we ended up climbing over rocks and fallen trees and stuff like that. It was pretty intense. At one point we ended up wading through knee deep ferns. 

One of the fallen trees. Doesn't it look like the kind of place Gollum or some creature of that sort would live?

We were pretty tired by the time we got back to the trail. 

You know what I love? Farmhouses. 

You know what else I love? Stone walls around farms. 

Saturday my mom and I went to see American Ballet Theatre's Swan Lake. It was amazing. Julie Kent is gorgeous. 

It was at the Metropolitan Opera House. Which was almost as amazing as the ballet. 

While my mom and I went to the ballet, my dad and brothers went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and walked through Central park. 

The Manhattan Temple was right across the street from the Opera house. My Mom and I grabbed a hot dog from a vendor right outside it. It was the first time I've gotten a hot dog from a vendor. Even though I go to New York every year, I still haven't done a lot of the most people do when they go, like ride the subway, or go to ground zero. And I've only been to two Broadway shows. We don't really do the touristy stuff when we go. I wish we would spend more time in the city. 

Sunday was pretty chill. We went to church in the morning, then played some games and looked at old pictures. 

We also had to pack to go home. I inherited two big bags of clothes from one of my friends (which is way more than I know what to do with. If anyone wants any, please come take some from me!), and fitting them all in was a bit of a challenge. We had to buy an extra bag to fit it all in. I'm pretty proud of myself for fitting all that stuff in. 

Our flight home was delayed an hour due to weather. We got in to Salt Lake at two in the morning on Monday. We didn't do much on the 4th. We were all too tired. 

It was a very fun trip. I am determined to live in New York some day. I love it there. I can't wait till next year. 

Your obedient, 
                 Th. Jefferson


  1. Take clothes from you? Dearest Thomas: who fits in your clothes? Anyway, I'm glad you had fun! Your trip sounds awesome.

  2. I miss you much and I'm glad you had such fun!