Provo roads: A strange place

The past couple weeks, I've been seeing a lot of weird things when I've been driving around town, which I do a lot now that I have school and dance every day. And some of these things that I've seen are so weird that they just had to be shared. For example I saw:

- A car with the steering wheel on the right side of the car. Odd. And a little scary, because at first when I looked over I thought the car was driving itself, since there was no one on the driver's side.

- A bus driver reading a book WHILE DRIVING. A bus driver! Very, very scary. I stayed far away from him.

- A car with only three wheels. Kind of like a car tricycle. Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Ask Yon Soo, she saw it too.

- And the weirdest and scariest thing of them all- a cougar. A real, once alive cougar. It was in the back seat of a police truck that Matthew and I drove past on our way home yesterday. It had its mouth open in a really nasty snarl. I saw it first out of the corner of my eye and it terrified me, because it looked like an enraged pit bull about to leap out the window, which was open, and mangle someone. I may or may not have screamed.

Provo roads are a strange place sometimes.

Your obedient, 
                   Th. Jefferson

P.S. I felt it was time for more of a fall color scheme :)

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