Conversations with a fifteen year old

Scene: Sunday night, the Rudy family is gathered in the living room. Katelyn, seventeen years old, and Matthew, fifteen years old, are holding a conversation about Cape Cod.
Katelyn: I think I'm going to buy a house on the Cape.
Matthew: Well, I'm going to buy it.
Katelyn: The whole Cape?
Matthew: Yeah. Maybe even the whole Cod.
End scene

Scene: Matthew, fifteen years old, and Katelyn, seventeen years old, are sitting on the couch in their family room, watching a movie. Matthew says something funny...
Matthew: "Ha ha. That's a knee slapper."
He slaps Katelyn on the knee
End scene

Scene: Dinner at the Rudy house. The family has just been discussing diseases.  
Matthew: I'm going to be a hermit on an island, then I can devote my life to studying gorillas.
Katelyn: But you'd still get sick. Gorillas have diseases too.
Matthew: Yeah, but I couldn't catch them.
Katelyn: Yes you could. People got the plague from rats.
Matthew: No they didn't.
Katelyn: Yes they did. They got it from the rats on the ships.
Matthew: Who touches rats?
Katelyn: Sailors.
Matthew: Who touches sailors?
Katelyn: Sailors' wives.
Matthew: Who marries sailors? Besides, anyone who's watched Batman knows that the evil guys were the ones who started the plague.
End scene

Scene: Family Home Evening. The Rudy family is playing pictureka, Matthew is arguing that his card applies to the description. 
Matthew: It's a male. Look, it's got a huge horn.
Katelyn: Females can have horns too.
Matthew: It's not a female, it doesn't have a baby by it. If it was a female there would be a baby right there."
End scene 

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