Conversations of the twelve year old and fifteen year old

Scene: Matthew, fifteen years old, Spencer, twelve years old, and Katelyn seventeen years old, are all sitting in the family room, watching TV. Spencer has just falsely stated that he speaks Spanish. 
Matthew: You speak Spanish?
Spencer: Yeah.
Matthew: So say something in Spanish.
Spencer: No.
End scene

Scene: Family home evening at the Rudy household
Matthew: I want to go to London so I can take a picture leaning against Big Ben.
Spencer: Who's he? Rothesburger?
Matthew: No, it's a clock where they used to torture people.
End scene

Scene: Katelyn, seventeen years old, Spencer, twelve years old, and Matthew, fifteen years old, are going out to lunch with their grandmother, who is driving the car. 
Spencer: Ha! You blinked.
Matthew: So?
Spencer: So you lost the staring contest that only I knew about.
End scene

Scene: Driving home from Draper late one night 
Spencer: Let's have a great conversation.
Matthew: Be quiet.
End scene 

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