Awkward and Awesome January

- Going to pick up your brother at a gated community, pulling up to the gate, realizing it's locked, realizing you don't know how to get in, finding out your brother has gone to a different friend's house, looking behind you to back out and seeing there's a whole line of cars behind you that now have to back up to let you out
- Almost falling out of you chair in the middle of psychology because you lost your balance while simultaneously bending over and uncrossing your legs
- Somehow dripping salsa all over your shirt. I promise I'm not a messy eater.
- Having the loudest stomach in the world. Whenever I get hungry that things growls like no other.
- When rain/snow goes down the front of your shirt. So cold. And not much you can do about it. 
- Sitting on the back row in A Cappella. There's no room and you're in everyone's way. 


-Singing in the Seminary broadcast choir
- Having some random voice come on over the sound system and say "trying days are ahead" as the boys in the Seminary choir are trying to readjust seating
- The new seating chart in A Cappella. I love Yon Soo, Karli and Anne! 
- Watching Riley Budd park his car
- The fact that one of the guys who composed a song Madrigals is singing is named Scandello. 
- Whitney turning to me on a Monday night, and correcting me on something that I did wrong in her dance rehearsal on Saturday afternoon. I can't believe she remembered that. Can you tell we're a little stressed about our senior pieces?
- Kate in Concerto Aria. I'm sure everyone else was great too, but she was the only one I got to hear. She was fantastic! 
- Spencer getting braces. Ha ha ha! 

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