Conversations with a twelve year old, Part two

Scene: Driving home from grandparents after general conference
Spencer: Panting is really hard.
Katelyn: Excuse me?
Spencer: You get really light-headed and your mouth dries out.
Katelyn: And why were you panting?
Spencer: Well, Kia was so I thought I'd try it.
End scene 

Scene: Spencer and Katelyn are in Katelyn's room. Spencer, in the attempt to get several yearbooks off Katelyn's bookshelf, has just knocked over a large pile of books and caused Katelyn's bookend to fall to the ground. 
Spencer: It's not my fault.
Katelyn: You could have taken them down one at a time.
Spencer: Psh, I'm a guy. I wanted to get them fast.
End scene

Scene: Driving home from church 
Mom: Spencer, you need a haircut.
Spencer: What? No. I don't look good with short hair.
Katelyn: Yes you do.
Spencer: When I have short hair, I look like a nerd. And it shows my monkey ears. I look like a nerd monkey.
End scene 

Scene: Family dinner at the Rudy's 
Spencer: Are you thinking of going to school in Pennsylvania?
Katelyn: I was awhile ago.
Spencer: Crazy youngster. I'm being rational. I'm going to Cairo.
End Scene

Scene: Spencer and Katelyn are sitting in the Rudy's family room, watching TV
Spencer: Are you going to vote for Romney?
Katelyn: Maybe.
Spencer: I am. I'm going to say I'm already a military veteran and that I'm 27. And that I'm vertically challenged. And related to Justin Bieber.
End Scene

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