Conversations with a fifteen year old, part two

Scene: Matthew and Katelyn are in the car, about to begin a long ride home from Idaho. They have been discussing Chips Ahoy cookies. 
Matthew: Those kind have a weird after taste, or before taste.
Katelyn: How can something have a before taste?
Matthew: Because before it tastes good it tastes all chemically.
End scene

Scene: Driving home from church, discussing middle school classes. 
Matthew: Yeah I was a TA. It was me and two other girls.
End scene

Scene: Rudy's living room. Katelyn is sitting on the couch, Matthew is playing with the family dog, Kia.
Matthew: Oh look at the dog. It's so cute.
Katelyn: It? Shouldn't you say her? She is a girl, you know.
Matthew: It's not a girl. The only girls are humans and horses and boats. All boats are girls.
End scene 

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