Qoutes from senior year: Journalism

"It's romaintic!"
- Caroline Madsen

"Hi. We're just singing about primates over here."
- Riley Budd

"Want to see what I learned in Europe? Hand rape!"
- Daniel Thurston

"I would make a terrible Nazi. I don't like killing people."
- Kate Cutchins

"Katelyn, you are the cutest thing since ... something cute. Like a baby deer."
- Kate Cutchins

Kate: "I was there when that was born. It was pretty awkward."
Riley: "Why?"
Kate: "Have you ever witnessed a birth?"

"I need to hire someone to run my life. I'm dead serious."
- Van Orden

"A lot of my parties turn into fake parties."
- Van Orden

Michael: "Brevity is the soul of wit."
Kate: "Your mom."

"When you say something witty, people say 'Well said.' When you do something good, people say 'Well done.' And when you end up at the right place at the right time, people say 'Welcome'. My friends, welcome to journalism."
- Miriam Bay

"My favorite item of clothing is blanket."
-Kate Cutchins

"No one in my family is bald. Even my great grandpa has hair and he's dead."
- John Oldroyd

John: "What am I going to be when I grow up?"
Kate: "Bald."

Kate: "Help me prepare a defense."
Kat: "You're against Tayla. There's nothing you can do!"

"Everything is bunnies and baby deer and marriage to you!"
- Kate Cutchins

"Do you want to go on a date, forever?"
- John Oldroyd

"I feel like everybody else!"
- Riley Budd

Aubrey Snelson to Eric Sheffield: "We should help you get your first kiss."
Mason Astle: "Trust me, I've tried."

Kat: "Someday I'm going to show up at your house and have an emotional breakdown."
Kate: "I wish you would. My house is so dull."

Madison Armstrong: "I feel like we should be smoking weed while we listen to this."
Jacob Benfell: "That's what people say about all my music."

"If things are this bad now, then third term... oh, wait, it is third term. Never mind."
- Katelyn Rudy

"I'd like to marry Riley. It would be like marrying a gay guy, except he wouldn't be gay."
- Aubrey Snelson

Riley: "That totally sounds like something I would say."
Kat: "You did say that."
Riley: "Oh."

KC: "How explicit can we be?"
Van Orden: "That depends on how subtle you are."

John: "That's why they're so stupid."
Riley: "Because they're human?"
John: "Yes!"

"And he has mini brothers."
- Yon Soo Park

"Girls don't need to sound like flowers."
- Ree Lu

"Speaking of success, are you seeing this fishtail?"
- Michael Christenson

"Is there air in here?"
- Van Orden

Yon Soo: "Give me a letter."
Katelyn: "4. Oh wait, that's not a letter. 3. That's not a letter either!"

"She... or he. The shehe..."
- Kent Schmutz

"The problem with your speech is that it sounds like you."
- Kate Cutchins

"I hate grinding so bad! And none of you know what that means!"
- Jacob Benfell

"You took my cracker, I'm not going anywhere with you."
- Kat Moulton

Riley: "I'll wear some red tights, those would look good with..."
Katelyn: "Your legs?"

"I would sell my soul for a teacup pig."
- Kate Cutchins

"I held that teacup pig yesterday and my maternal instincts were going crazy!"
- Tayla Salveson

"'My bad' and 'I'm sorry' mean the same thing, except at funerals."
- John Oldroyd

Kat: "He's a god!"
Kate: "He's the spawn of Satan!"

"You are gay, except for the gay part."
- Kat to Riley

"I know how to solve all my social problems. I'll just kiss you!"
- Riley to Kat

"First rule, you don't touch my hand because you're the wrong gender."
- Daniel Thurston

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