Quotes from senior year: AP Government

"Well, I waited for five seconds!"
- John Wilson

"Zoe, a lot of people look at me like I'm really stupid, but you give me the best looks like I'm really stupid. You can take pride in that."
- John Wilson

Jared Davis: "So lesbian couples can't get those health care benefits?"
Mrs. Palmer: "No."
Jared: "That's gay."

"Boys make drama, girls complain about it."
- Miriam Bay

"I'm vegetarian most of the time, just not when I'm eating meat."
- John Wilson

Mrs. Palmer: "Who wanted this out?"
Miriam: "Some girl."
Mrs. Palmer: "Thomas Jefferson."

Mrs. Palmer: "The problem is I'm only one step ahead of you guys."
Bao: "If you trip us and break our legs you could be ten steps ahead of us."

John: "We lost to a guy without arms."
Miriam: "You can never beat the disabled people."

"The pen is mightier than the sword, but the pen is not mightier than the AK-47."
- Bao Ha

Mrs. Palmer: "I don't want to watch the whole hour of State of the Union."
Jocelyn: "If we cut out all the clapping it would only be ten minutes."

"You know what they should do for the halftime show? Cock fighting. Provo brings their chicken, we bring ours, they fight to the death and then we all have fried chicken."
- Bao Ha

Mrs. Palmer: "Who's always in the news for criminal activity in Utah?"
John: "Icelanders."

"Think outside the box, but make sure your thoughts can fit inside the box."
- Bao Ha

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