Quotes from senior year: AP Literature

"Iambic tetrameter is for Plebians."
- Michael Christenson

"You have one more minute. Cheat as fast as you can."
- Mr. Davis

Kate: "How does my hair look?"
Katelyn: "Like Arnold Schwartzenager."

"'Fine fellows- cannibals- in their place'. That's what I always say."
- Mr. Davis

"I saw Goody Wong dancing. And it was scary."
- Michael Christenson

"They don't hate you, they just don't like you."
- Whitney Carlson

"I used a second grader for these papers."
- Mr. Davis

"I have an eating disorder, there's food all over me."
- Mr. Davis

"I guess we're all Yankee fans. Spiritually. If you get my drift."
- Christian Paiva

"You know what would be really great? If Channing Tatem walked in right now, just to say hi."
- Miriam Bay

"Do you have any emotional attachment to this piece of yarn?"
- Kat Moulton

"Frodo needed a GPS that was me."
- Kat Moulton

Kate: "It was a party."
Paiva: "Yeah, a total party where everyone was silent and stuck in cubicles."

"Unfortunately Nevada and Wyoming do actually exist."
- Kat Moulton

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  1. I think this is my favorite one so far. Really good stuff.