Quotes from senior year: AP Psychology

"Quit it, you're making me happy."
- Kate Cutchins

"You have two ponytails; you look like an alien."
- Yon Soo

"Movies make stalking look really attractive, but it's not. It's bad, it gets you into trouble. Not that I've had any problems with that."
- Stevenson

Stevenson: "If five minutes before practice the coach decided to play the funnest game, what would that be?"
Josh: "Hopscotch."

"Everyone should be suspended at least once."
- Stevenson

"It's all fun and games till your kid starts burning stuff."
- Stevenson

"You may think I'm really scary cause I'm a hunk, but I'm not."
- Michael Christenson

"What am I going to do without a kitchen, I'm a woman?!"
- Kaela Carter

"Never mind, go away."
- Whitney to Mr. Ames

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