Quotes from senior year: A Cappella

"Wait are you into 6'4" guys now? Because if you are, I could totally set you up with a figment of my imagination."
- Josh Brewer

"Is there Temple Square jail?"
- John Michael George

"Not everything is meant to be hollow. There's probably some spiritual significance to that statement."
- Riley Budd

"Bambi is about the deer with the red nose, right?"
- Josh Burr

"Cut it right off. Like a hand with frostbite."
- Conrad Smith

"Hold up, I sense open hostility."
- Mr. Larson

"It's like a love triangle, except there's no love."
- Issac Robertson

"Every time he talks I'm just like 'Move your face muscles!'"
- Cami Bailey

"I decided it would be more beneficial if I didn't ask the mayor where his murder weapon was."
- Conrad Smith

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