Quotes from senior year: Early morning seminary

"You have to do this for a whole week so here's day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7, day 8... oh."
- Brother Drysdale

"200 gallons! Not to mention how much he drinks, which is probably like, a pint."
- Brother Drysdale

"You are going to win, my friend. We are going to cheat the system and you are going to win."
- Brother Williams

Brother Drysdale: Why is this one better?"
Kelsey Herdman: "Because it's made with love!"

"Liars go to Shelton's."
- Conrad Smith

"It's not bribery, it's righteous exchange."
- Brother Fereday

"Is it appropriate to show speedo clad men in seminary?"
- Brother Fereday

"Once you die, no more worldly possessions. No more... rubic's cubes."
- Brother Fereday

"Katelyn, if you marry a Canaanite I don't know what I'll do!"
- John Wilson

"God's the ultimate dating counselor."
- Alex Burdge

"Paul looks like such a Gentile."
- John Wilson

"There's all the people sleeping around. Wait, that sounded bad."
- Sister Bird

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