Quotes from senior year: Madrigals

Kate: "Everyone has Relief Society arms."
Cami: "I've seen people who don't, and they need a good punch in the face."

"At what point did you lose control, Mr. Larson? Oh, about August."
- Mr. Larson

"Someone give him a merit badge."
- Christian Garrett

"Can I make a question?"
- Jake Knell

"Poco pesante doesn't mean find a peasant and poke him. It means slow down."
- Mr. Larson

Snelson: "Yahtzee touchdown!"
Cami: "Did she say Natzi touchdown?"
Brenna: "Yahtzee touchdown."
Cami: "Oh, not Natzi touchdown."

"Don't give me mezzo-wimpo!"
- Mr. Larson

"I'm so hungry I could eat a whole taco!"
- Tanner Money

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