Conversations of the twelve year old and sixteen year old: Part 2

Setting: Sunday dinner at the Rudy house. 
Spencer: I know what I want to be when I grow up, and Kate knows what she wants to be, so what do you want to be?
Matthew: I want to get into art.
Spencer: Making it?
Matthew: No.
Katelyn: Selling it?
Matthew: No.
Mom: Forging it?
Matthew: Maybe
End scene 

Setting: Driving in the car
Spencer: Do you think J.K. Rowling will ever write anything else?
Matthew: No. J.K. Rowling just wrote Harry Potter to get rich. When she wrote the first one she was poor, so she had to write it on napkins.
Spencer: But if she's rich why not get richer?
Matthew: Because she doesn't have any napkins.
End scene

Setting: Driving to the airport. Spencer is thinking out loud. 
Matthew: Think in your head! Think in your head!
Spencer: I can't keep my thoughts in my mind or I'll go crazy.
Matthew: So you don't think in your head, you think in your mouth?
Spencer: Always.
End scene

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