Conversations with a thirteen year old: Part three

Scene: Terry family Father's Day party. Earlier, Spencer had disposed several clusters of grapes onto Katelyn's plate. She has eaten almost all of them. 
Mom: Good job eating all those grapes.
Spencer: Thank you.
Katelyn: Um, I'm the one that ate all those, you had nothing to do with it.
Spencer: Yeah I did. I dictated my obligation. I mean, I delegated my obligation.
Katelyn: No, I think you were closer to the truth the first time.
Spencer: My mouth lied. I never lie, but sometimes my mouth does.
End scene 

Scene: Pizza and Brew in New York. Spencer is wondering what type of character he would be in a movie. 
Spencer: I don't like the main person in movies. Like, I want them to win and beat the bad guys but I don't think I am one.
Mom: So you're a sidekick?
Spencer: I'm a side show.
End scene 

Scene: Pinebush, New York. Spencer, Matthew, Katelyn and their Dad's cousin Mac are talking about Spencer's career plans. 
Mac: Where are you planning to go?
Spencer: Up.
Katelyn: Up?
Spencer: Yeah, up the corporate ladder to the top.
End Scene

Scene: Rudy family dinner. Spencer is arguing that his life as the youngest child is much harder than Katelyn's life at the oldest child.
Spencer: I don't do as much work as Katelyn does.
Short pause. Katelyn gives Spencer a surprised look.
Spencer: I phrased that wrong, didn't I? I do more work than Katelyn does!
End Scene

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