A Mountain Rain Storm

I went up to Cascade Springs today with my family. It's a really pretty place up Provo Canyon. I decided today when we were there that I'm going to take my engagement pictures there, if I get married in fall. Because it's perfect for that. 

It was cloudy when we got there, and about three minutes after I took this picture it started to rain. Like, really rain. With thunder and lightening. We were drenched. It was also slightly terrifying. I half expected to be hit by lightening. So we ran back to our car. But by the time we got there we were so soaked that we decided all the damage had been done, and we went back out into the rain. It was fun. It was so rainy and so windy that you could see sheets of rain being blown around. But we really enjoyed ourselves. It was fun to be out there, in the mountains, in the rain. 

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