Reflections on Hair

It's now been over a week since I cut off my hair, and I'm definitely still adjusting. I'm really surprised by how much my hair has changed the way that I dress, or the way that I think about how I dress. The first few days especially, I felt a lot less feminine than normal. So I tried to compensate for that feeling by wearing more makeup, or wearing big earrings and really girly outfits. But then I realized that I was being ridiculous, that no one was going to mistake me for a boy just because I have short hair. And since then, I've kind of been dressing in the opposite direction. I'm not wearing earrings as much as I used to. Which is a big change for me, because I love earrings. But I just don't like how they look with my hair most of the time. And while the rest of the changes in how I've been dressing have been more subtle, I am noticing that my hair is having a big influence on my style. I'm exploring new looks that I wouldn't have thought of before, while my old go-to outfits don't feel as comfortable as they once did. Isn't that interesting? Who knew hair could have such a big impact on the way you dress? 


  1. you rock the short hair! love your blog, found it via MFB! your newest follower!

  2. Katelyn, you are amazing!! And gorgeous and just overall fab.