Awkward Arms

Today in dance, my dance teacher videoed all of us dancing and then had us watch it. Watching myself dance is never a satisfying experience. It's never really an enjoyable experience either. When I watch myself dance, all I can see is the mistakes. And there are a lot of them. When you dance, it feels so good and you think you're doing so well and you're so sure it looks great. And then you watch yourself and you're like "Do I use my core at all? I had no idea that's what I looked like. I'm terrible." It's true. That's what goes through my head every time. Although, it's never fun to see myself dancing, I do think it's very important that I do it. Watching myself today, I realized so many things that I could be doing better. I saw what my teacher sees and now what my teacher is trying to tell me to do makes so much more sense. Watching myself and seeing my problems for myself makes it so much easier to recognize and correct my mistakes. Like my awkward arms. I had no idea my arms were such limp noodles. The whole time I was watching myself, I just wanted to yell, "Just straighten your arms!" So, I think that's what I'll be working in the near future. 

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