The New York Times

There were lots of hopeful ducks that came begging for food while I was taking pictures. I was sad I didn't have anything to give them. 
Today the girl sitting next to me was reading the New York Times, not online, like a real newspaper. And as soon as I saw her reading that paper, it just made me so homesick. Not homesick for my parents' house and my old home, homesick for a home that doesn't even exist yet. I found myself homesick for my own home with my own husband and family, where I would sit down and read the New York Times every morning at my own dining room table, in my own house that I've fixed up and furnished exactly the way I want it. I want that so badly. Every time I see the New York Times, that's what I can't help but think about. It's so silly, but that's a little detail of my future life that is so significant for me. I love sitting down at breakfast and reading the New York Times, and I hope that I get to do that every day someday. 

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