Those First Failures That We All Survive

Today, as I was studying on a bench in the athletics building, I looked around at all the upperclassmen rushing by me. They all seemed to be talking about the dance they were choreographing, the class they were student teaching, or the wedding reception they were planning. They seemed so much more experienced than me, and so much more confident than me. I felt like a little girl, sitting on that bench.
Being a freshman is still new for me. I'm used to being the old, knowledgeable person that knows everything about everything. Entering this new stage in my life, I'm totally clueless. And it's weird. I'm not used to being clueless. I'm not used to feeling like everyone is my intellectual superior. 
If I've learned anything in the past few months, it's that I'm far from perfect. And my process to become better is going to be a messy one. There will be lots of trial and error. And so it was greatly comforting today to read this passage in my writing book- 
"The risk in striving for elegance is that you fail spectacularly and never risk it again. I can only encourage you to accept with good humor those first failures that we all survive." 
 Isn't it comforting to remember that nobody gets it right the first time? Isn't it great that we get so many chances in this life? 
Isn't it great that it doesn't matter how we get to the end, it's just the end that matters? 

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