Conversations from Thanksgiving

Mom, Spencer and Katelyn are sitting in their family room watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Spencer: Mom.
Mom: Yes?
Long pause
Spencer: Do either of you remember what I was just saying?
Mom and Katelyn: No.
Spencer: Dang it. Slippery thoughts.

Katelyn is doing homework in her room. Spencer is talking to her from the doorway. 
Spencer: I think I have a German friend.
Katelyn: What?
Spencer: Well, one time I was at the temple and we were doing temple names and they were doing German names and this one guy's name came up and I felt really good and I thought "Hey I know that guy. He's my friend." So now I have a German friend who's already dead.

Friday family dinner. The topic is changing your name when you get married. 
Katelyn: People don't have to change their names when they get married.
Matthew: Yes they do, it's one of the laws of physics.

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