Last Minute

So, basically I had no idea who I was going to vote for until about noon on election day. Politics is not something that I've ever been interested in. And political commercials bug me like no other.So I really have not been thinking too much about the election. So honesty, I'm not too bothered or too thrilled by the results. I'm very grateful for the right to vote and I'm very grateful that we live in a democratic country. But I do not consider this election to be very significant. I think it's good that President Obama gets another four years. I think he's learned a lot and hopefully he'll be able to improve in the next four years. The fate of our country is not just in the hands of our president, it's also in our hands. I wish people would realize that and take more responsibility for the welfare of our country. 

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  1. Whoa is that room the new "play room" in your house?