Flashback: Ballet Utah

Ballet Utah 2009-2010

Phyllis: What are you going to be thinking about?
Whitney: Hugh Jackman.

I forgot if I was a boy or a girl!

He probably plays something awesome, like the guitar or the tambourine.

You look too cute. Go home, get ugly and come back.

Ballet Utah 2010-2011

Real friends fix each other's bras.

Julianna: I would kill you too, Angel.
Katelyn: Why?
Julianna: Well, I've never killed anyone before, it might be fun.
Whitney: I have and it's not that exciting.

This is vital to my education as a pioneer, I mean, ballerina.

I can dance, but ripping tape- that's difficult.

When I wear fake eyelashes I look like a llama. I look at myself and I look at a picture of a llama and they look similar!

For my birthday, I want a smaller butt.

I'm going to say it, the F word. Formation!

I like your toes. Where did you get them?

Look at her calves, they're like men!

It's a relevation! Wait...

Katelyn: I'm older than you, Vixy.
Vixy: Only in human form.

April: We still have six hours!
Katelyn: No, no, no. We only have five and a half hours.

Veronica: Look, more old people!
Kellee: They do exist.
Vixy: It's like a fiesta out there!

We have big butts because...wait, what?

Ballet Utah 2011-2012

Plie is the seminary answer of ballet.
-Anne Kawai

Imagine the children we'd have; they'd be like rubber bands!

She's a black asian. She's a blasian!

The truth is, I love to frolic.

I express myself through hair.

My favorite actor is getting married to Miley Cyrus and my day is ruined!
-Anne Kawai

Maren is sixteen? I guess she still is two years younger than us.

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  1. This made my night.. well morning now.. BUT those were some of my best memories.. oh the things we say when we spend that much time together. Thank you!