Building Out

So today in one of my industrial design classes we made the transition from making 2D drawings to 3D models. And we were all kind of freaking out. Everybody was just beginning to feel confident in our ability to make good designs on a piece of paper. We were just starting to understand proportion and the effect of size and shape, and how to get a good balance between positive and negative space. And then we went off the paper and it made everything ten times more difficult. I mean, now we have to think about shadows and angles from different sides and height and all this other random new stuff. 
As I was sitting there, cutting my balsa wood, trying to grasp designing in this new dimension, I thought about how my experience going from high school to college has been very similar to my experience going from designing in 2D to designing in 3D. I learned a lot in high school. It was a great four years of my life. I had a lot of fun. Sometimes it felt a little overwhelming, but I always managed to pull things together in the end. And by the time I graduated, I felt pretty confident in my abilities as a student. I felt like I had a pretty good handle on learning and studying. And then I got to college, and there were all these new variables that I hadn't ever dealt with before. And all these new angles to consider. And things didn't fit together the same way they had in high school. So I've done a lot of adjusting since August, learning to deal with this new dimension of my education process. 
Something my teacher is always telling us is "Don't forget what you learned on the last assignment. Incorporate it into your next design. Everything builds off what came before it." That's very true in design; the things I learned about proportion in my first assignment apply to what I'm currently working on. That's also true of life. We learn and grow line on line, precept on precept, grace for grace. We go from being flat 2D designs to deep 3D designs. But we're always building off what we were before. So that's my thought for the day. In order to progress, we must build off our past experience. 

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  1. Cute outfit, awesome hair and I loved the analogy! I love when I can get to know the person behind the outfits - very cool :)