Seven Billion Individuals

Since today was the first day of the second block of the semester, I started two new industrial design classes. And for the first hour of one of those new classes we sat in a circle and went around and told the teacher where we were from and a little bit about ourselves. Even though, I've had two classes with these people since the beginning of the semester, I still learned a lot about them. One guy told us about the time he biked from Provo to Denver in five days. Another girl told us she had lived in Japan for four years. Another guy talked about why he was so drawn to industrial design. It reminded me of a couple books I've been reading lately for one of my classes, which have really stressed the importance of seeing others as people, not objects. It's so easy to see all the random people we interact with in a given day as just objects, it's so easy for us to think our individual feelings and needs are more important than their. But it's incredible to stop and think about the fact that every human we meet has lived an incredible life. They've faced challenges, they've done things we never have, they have fears and strengths and passions and goals. Listening to everyone in my class talk about themselves was so fascinating to me. Everyone has an interesting story, even if we don't think we do. A couple people initially said they didn't think there was anything interesting about themselves to tell. But that's really not true. Everyone is interesting and unique. It's kind of mind-blowing to think that there are over seven billion individuals on this planet with emotions and lives as complex as mine. But it's also so inspiring to know how incredible people are in their own individual ways. When you think about it, people are just amazing. 

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