Late Night Dress-Up

Last night I promised myself I'd get to bed at a decent time. I was really tired yesterday (thank you daylight savings) and I knew that I would have to be up early for class, so I wanted to get to bed as soon as possible. I was all ready by 11, and was just about to go to sleep when my roommates one of my other roommate to put on her wedding dress and show it to us. Naturally, this got me right out of bed. Getting into the wedding dress turned out to be quite a process. We spent the next half hour helping my roommate get into her dress and then admiring her. I think BYU is one of the only places in the world you'd find five freshman girls standing in a kitchen at 11:30 on a Sunday night watching their roommate show off her wedding dress.  It really is a beautiful dress and she looks so good in it. I'm so excited for her. 
So, I didn't really get all the sleep I was hoping for last night, but it was worth it to see my roommate in her dress. 

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