Little Sleep and Little Time

As the end of the semester comes closer and closer I seem to be losing two things alarmingly fast- sleep and time. It's amazing how fast the days are going by. I feel like I get more and more to do every day, but each day seems to get shorter. It's not helping that the weather has been throwing all kinds of weird stuff at us lately. Yesterday it rained, today it snowed. Thank you, April in Utah. My sense of time has been so thrown off this week. Monday felt like Friday, today feels like a Thursday. I guess I'm living this week in reverse or something like that. 
I have to say, although I'm really busy, I am happy. I'm having a good time doing all this stuff. I'm going to enjoy my last few weeks of my freshman year. It's crazy to think that it's almost over. It's kind of a good thing I'm going to be so busy these next couple weeks, it will distract me from how sad I'm going to be for this year to end. It's been a good one. 

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