Quotes from Freshman Year: Winter Semester

Mom: "Have you eaten lunch?"
Spencer: "So that's why I'm so hungry."

"Everyone started out as a Smith. It was Adam and Eve Smith."

"Katelyn, I want a snack."
-John Wilson, York Kern's mission farewell

"I'm ready, you're ready, let's go!"

"Why would anyone go on a date to get to know someone?"

"I know, I'm hungrier than Ethiopia!"
-Rainbow Dash

"I was going to write a book today, but I spent all my time eating."

Mom: "I think if people are true to themselves then we all want the same thing."
Spencer: "Money?"

"It's a lump of laughing ladies."
-Michael Christensen

"This is one of the main topics of our conversation before we go to bed, her future divorce."
-Rachel Phillips

TA: "I love you."
Student: "Woah."
TA: "It's a Christlike love, ok?"
- Physical Science lab

Spencer: "My president's name is Grace."
Matthew: "Our president's name is Obama!"

"So that was my experience. I went to an Asian market and it was like Disneyland."
-Vicki Orozco

"I want to go to China, the Alps and I want to be a viking. I'd be Rudy the Red."

"This is important to know because, as everyone knows, the Hulk got his powers through gamma rays."
-Professor Bickmore, physical science

"I show you these videos so you'll appreciate your forebearers who had to live before Bill Nye."
-Professor Bickmore

"I just accidentally made something awesome, so I'm going to go stare at it some more."
-Whitney Carlson

"Dance is like standing still only faster."
-Will, world dance

"NASCAR and chicken. NASCAR and chicken."
-Spencer's country song

Spencer: "I told you we were getting old. We're sitting around talking."
Dad: "As opposed to running around screaming?"
Spencer: "Yes!"

"I was born and raised in Ireland, but I've lived in Provo me whole life."

"I'm just saying, if you have to cut them open, then they should just die."

"I have a grandson, you have a shorter midterm, so we're all happy."
-Sister Ulrich, mission prep

"These summaries should be like a mini-skirt- long enough to cover the subject but short enough to keep it interesting."
-Professor Bowman, foundations of global leadership

Collin: "His dad has a dope business."
Brother Morgan: "His dad runs a dope business?"
Collin: "That was bad word choice on my part."
-Form and surface development

Spencer: "What's the difference between manslaughter and murder?"
Matthew: "Why do you want to know?"

"Everything in Canada migrates, even the people."

"I just wonder what I'm thinking about."

Matthew: "You don't even know what Mardi Gras is."
Spencer: "Yeah it is."

Katelyn: "You don't know where Lehi is?"
Matthew: "Mom keeps me restricted. I've never even been to Orem."

"When my roommate leaves, I think it will be like when my husband passes away. I love her so much. I am also heterosexual, just throwing that out there."
-TA, physcial science

Sheridan: "You guys should take out your scriptures, we're going to be using them."
Cali: "In church?"

Ian: "What happened to all your hair?"
Ian's roommate: "I got hungry."

"I Believe in Christ" starts playing 
Ashley: "I do believe in Christ but..."
Changes song

Ryan: "Are we allowed to do this?"
Brother Morgan: "Well, I've never been caught... so I don't know if it's illegal."
-Form and surface development

Mom: "I tried to text you."
Grandma: "Was I supposed to answer? You wouldn't have liked what I said."

"He moonlights as a Taco Bell owner."

"This is called relative dating because it was first thought of in West Virginia."
-Professor Bickmore

"This class is like the celestial kingdom. You read books and discuss them with your friends."
-Professor Bowman

While running back and forth, trying to decide the best way to the RB
"This is cutting into my stretching time!"

Stefan: "Is that a water balloon?"
Will: "It's a diamond ring."
- Structured creativity

"Don't be afraid to sit on the grass, look at the sun... no, don't look at the sun! That's bad, staring at the sun is a bad idea."
-Sister Ulrich

"Flirt to convert!"

"This is the worst sleepover ever!"
-Chris, industrial design studio at 4 am

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