Music March: You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

So the other day at work, I was thinking about a couple problems I've been having lately- deciding what to wear, and posting on my blog. Both have been pretty difficult lately. I have always been one of those people that goes through about twenty different outfits in the morning, I'm just super indecisive in that area most of the time. And I've been so busy that's it's been hard to me to get back into blogging, even though it's something that I still really like doing. It's just been falling pretty low on my priority list. 
But then I had this thought at work. I thought it might be easier for me to decide what to wear and to post it on my blog if I had a theme for the month. That way it would make it more exciting, and less like something you just do every day. I ran through a couple different ideas, but the one that I settled on for this month was music, Music March. Has a good ring to it, right? I've picked 31 different songs and each day I'll show an outfit that I've based off that song. 

Today's outfit is inspired by Michael Buble's version of "You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You". It's a cute song, that always makes me think about Backstage Jazz Night, which is a dance my high school jazz band would put on every year. I went with a kind of classy, vintage feel to match the song's old-time jazz sound. The two different tones of lace added a lot of texture to the outfit, to make it more interesting. And with a heart shaped necklace and pink skirt, who wouldn't think of romance when they look at this?


  1. You always dress so beautifully. I am excited to see what the music will do to inspire your outfits.

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  3. You're so cute and this idea is so cute! <3