Our Wedding

July 11, 2015
Draper Utah LDS Temple

It was an absolutely beautiful summer morning. 

As my mom and I were getting into the car to drive up to the temple that morning, she asked me if I felt different. To my surprise, I just felt very normal, very calm, not like I was about to take the biggest step of my life. The whole day was like that really. It was nice to not have any jitters, and just be able to enjoy all the amazing things that were going on that day. We had so many people come to be a part of the wedding, which was really great, to be shown so much love and support. 

All my girl cousins. Don't I have such an attractive family?

And all my new little sisters. They are so much fun, and were the best flower girls.

My handsome groom and his handsome brothers. 

The guys' clothes were by far the hardest to find. Almost immediately, I had a vision of what I wanted my groom and his groomsmen to look like. Unfortunately, my vision was pretty difficult to find in real life, mostly because it involved light blue gingham. And although gingham is pretty popular at the moment, the shade I was looking for wasn't very common. We bought four different shirts for Josh before finding the perfect one. I was never able to find the bow ties I wanted, so I ended up making them. It was surprisingly easy. I used a really great tutorial,which you can find here- Bow Tie Tutorial

Wright Flowers did all the flowers for the wedding, and they were amazing. Having great flowers was really important to me, but flowers can get expensive fast. The great thing about Wright Flowers is that they also sell wholesale flowers, and will give you lessons on how to arrange flowers, so it's much easier to get the flowers you want without spending tons of money on them. I ended up doing a combination of wholesale and retail. So they put together all the more complicated, time intensive things, like my bouquet and the garlands for the reception, and then my friends and family put together the rest. 

Bride's dress: The Perfect Dress
Bride's veil: Made by grandmother
Groom's suit: Express
Groom's shirt: Dillard's
Groom's bow tie: Amazon.com
Groomsmen's bow ties: Made by bride
Flowers: Wright Flowers
Photographer: Kayla Smith

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