Springville Library Wedding Reception

The Springville Library was a great place for our wedding reception. The upstairs room is huge, and is full of windows with gorgeous views. While the space does present some challenges (aka no kitchen) it's a really great space that looks amazing with a little creativity. 

Instead of a traditional guest book we opted for some letters in our initials for people to sign. I got them from Joann's and painted them white. Now we display them on the coffee table in our apartment. 

We put the gift table at the bottom of the stairs, so it saved the guests from having to carry them up and my family from having to carry them down. 

For the backdrop behind us, I got a bunch of plastic pearls and strung them around a couple shower curtain rods, then stuck them in between the glass panels. 

To solve the dilemma of there being no kitchen, we served cookies and veggie shooters, all of which were prepared ahead of time and then simple put together and set out on the tables. All the cookie recipes we used were family recipes, and we gave the guests a copy of the recipes to take home. It was a fun way to get everyone in my family involved, and made the food more sentimental.

My mom came up with the idea of using a quote from President Boyd K. Packer's last general conference talk on the cookie sleeves- "A cookie and a kiss." It was a cute idea, and became even more meaningful when President Packer passed away about a month before our wedding. 

My husband is part of a band called Prime Time Real Estate and their performance was definitely the highlight of the event. 

Instead of having the little girls included in the bouquet toss, I threw a big bucket of ring pops to them. It was fun for them to have their own thing, and who doesn't love ring pops?

It was such a fun reception, and so many people came to be a part of it! I'm so grateful to my family for doing so much work to put it all together and make it into such a great event. 

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