3 Easy Winter Hairstyles

Look 1: Straight hair with curled ends

This look is sleek and cute at the same time. It's perfect for when you're in a hurry but still want to look pulled together. All you do is run a straightener through your hair and when you get to the bottom, turn the straightener inward to curl the ends. Super quick, super easy, super classy. 

Look 2: Half Bun

Another super quick style, this is great at hiding second day hair, or just giving a cool, thrown together look. Pull up about half your hair into bun, you want it to be pretty high on your head, so you can see it from the front. You don't want the hair pulled back too tightly, so tug at the hairs a little once it's pulled back to loosen it. Looking a little undone and imperfect keeps this from being too prim and proper.

Look 3: Messy curls

This is the essential hairstyle for bad hair days, hiding the imperfections in purposeful imperfection. It's the winter equivalent of beach waves. Take small sections of hair, use a curling iron to curl them. Hold it for about 30 seconds. When all the hair is curled, run your hands through it to mess the curls up. It's also great because my hair tends to get all full of static during the winter, and this hairstyles hides that as well. 

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