What to Wear: College Career Fair

There are lots of occasions in life where the clothes you wear matter and you want to look your best. I thought I'd share my ideas on outfits for some of those occasions. Starting with- a college career fair.

College career fairs are a great place to find an internship or get a job. My university is constantly putting them on, so I've been attending them pretty frequently. Figuring out what to wear can be tricky. It's a pretty casual, informal event, but you still want to look professional enough to get hired.Workplace wear has been getting more and more casual lately, so overdressing makes you seem out of touch. But under-dressing can make you seem sloppy and unprepared. It's a pretty fine line to walk.  And I don't know about you, but as a college student, I don't have a lot of what would be considered "workplace" clothing. 

That's why I've made this my go to outfit.

The formula for this outfit is pretty simple. 
Colored/Patterned blouse+Black Pencil Skirt= Professional looking college student.

The black pencil skirt is the professional part of the outfit. It's simple, clean, and businesslike. The blouse is structured enough to keep it from being casual, but the print makes it fun. I would normally never recommend wearing something as bold as an animal print to a job fair, but the color of this shirt keeps it from being too wild. Because it's a dark green, it keeps the print subtle, instead of being reminiscent of a safari animal. If my shirt had a more traditional pattern, for example stripes or polka dots, or no pattern,then I would go for a brighter color. The idea is for the outfit to help you stand out, but not to scream "Look at me!".

Also, I've found that carrying a nice folder with my resumes in it has been really nice. I don't think companies really care that much about what folder you use, but it's made me feel more professional, which has helped me be more confident. 

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