Winter Nails

Nail polish is one of my favorite accessories. It's fun to experiment with different colors, and lately I've been loving using two different nail polishes, one color on each hand. It's a fun way to add more color and not be too matchy matchy. If you think having each hand a different color is a little too weird, you could do one color on your hands and one on your toes instead. Similar idea, but not quite as noticeable. Here are three of the combinations I've been loving lately. 

The Neutral

Flower NP6: I lavendare you
Pure Ice 1064: Laven-dare

These two polishes have almost the exact same name, which must mean they were meant to be together. This is the winter version of a neutral nail. Both colors are very light subtle colors, and since they're both lavender based, they have a lot of the same tones. The Flower polish is more purple, while the Pure Ice is a more grey lavender. This combination is great for everyday wear, and it goes with just about everything. 

The Contrasting

Flower NP23: Bluebell of the Ball
Rimmel Salon Pro 237: Soul Session

These two colors are very different from each other, yet somehow still work really well together. These colors are more saturated than the previous look, but they're not very "in your face" colors, so this is a good option when you want a bit more color, while still being understated.

The Statement

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear 485: Golden-I
Flower NP24: Evening Primrose

This is definitely the most dramatic of the three looks. These colors stand out on their own, and together they make a bold statement. They're also very different colors, but what ties them together is their intensity and their shimmer. Both polishes are glittery, which I think makes them perfect for parties and other festive occasions. 

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