Beginner's Makeup: Foundation, Blush, Bronzer

Foundation, primer, concealer, blush, and bronzer are the basis of any makeup look. They're the blank canvas. And you want your canvas to look...pretty. Okay, time for me to stop making metaphors and start talking about what I put on my face. 

Maybelline Master Prime 

I have pretty red skin, so I like to use a primer to help even out my skin tone. On really lazy days, this is all that I'll put on my face. This primer is good at evening out my skin tone, and also covers up pores, which makes my skin look smoother. 

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Pixi H2O Skintint

I have two foundations that I use, depending on what I'm doing that day, and what kind of coverage I want. The Maybelline Fit Me is more of a matte, fuller coverage foundation, so I use it on days when I'm going to be out around a lot of people, or going to a special event. The Pixi H2O Skintint, is a much lighter coverage, so I use it on days when I want to look less done-up and more fresh faced. My biggest pet peeve with foundation is when I can see it on my skin, and these both do a great job of blending into my skin. 

Me wearing the Maybelline Fit Me

Me wearing Pixi H2O Skintint

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

I was skeptical of buying anything that said "age rewind" on it (I mean I'm only 22, age is not really a problem yet), but I've really liked this concealer. It works great on blemishes and under eye circles. I really like the application; it has a little sponge on top which you pump a little concealer into, then dab it on.

e.l.f. Facial Whip and e.l.f Blush

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to blushes, I have so much natural color in my cheeks that I don't see the need to add much more. These two blushes are great at adding just a hint of color in a really natural looking shade. I love using the facial whip, which is essentially a cream blush, during the winter because it adds a little more moisture to my face. And it gives off the prettiest shimmer effect, so it's also nice for evenings and nights out. I use the blush more in spring and summer, or when I want a bit more color, since it's more saturated than the cream. The facial whip is in the shade lilac petal, the blush in the shade glow.

As I mentioned in my Beginner's Makeup Haul bronzer has always been scary to me. But I love this one because it's so subtle and build-able. I rarely do more that swipe this in the hollows of my cheeks to give my cheekbones a little more definition. But I love the effect it has on my face, it adds a lot of dimension, but still looks natural. 

And this is me, with my foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer applied. This aspect of makeup definitely isn't the most exciting or dramatic, but I think it's the most important. It's taking up the most space on your face, and it's the foundation for everything else (ha ha). Sorry, more bad metaphors. 

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