Thrift Store Makeover: Plaid Jacket

I love getting clothes from thrift stores. Not only are the items there much cheaper than at a regular store, but there are so many more unique pieces to find. But there are some downsides to thrift stores. Often I'll find pieces that I really love, but not in my size. Or a great piece that's obviously seen better years. Or something that's almost perfect, but just has one thing wrong with it.
Whenever I find an item like what I've listed above, I see it as an opportunity to get out my sewing machine and do a little creative re-configuring. So today I thought I'd share one of these thrift store makeovers with you.

This jacket was a great shape and I loved the fur collar. The sleeves were just a little too loose for my liking.

So it was a simple fix for me to tighten the sleeves a little bit. 
First I cut off all the buttons on the sleeves. 
I measured the circumference of my wrists, then added an inch, so I would know how big the sleeves should be at the end of the sleeve. 
I marked the width that I wanted the sleeve at the end on the arms, then draw a diagonal line up the sleeve, so it connected with the original seam at about the elbow area. 
Then I sewed along the new line I'd drawn, getting rid of the flare the sleeves had. 

And, just like that, I now have a great new jacket with perfectly fitting sleeves. 

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