Grocery Store Bouquets

I love flowers, I love having around my house. But flowers can be expensive if you get them from a florist. Grocery stores often carry flowers but they're often... lacking. For a long time I didn't give a second glance at the random, often fluorescent flowers at the front of the grocery store. But by picking the right types of flowers and arranging them in creative ways, these flowers can look just as pretty as anything in a flower shop.

Mixed Bouquet- $10.00

I picked one of the random bouquets with a variety of flowers. One with lots of foliage is nice. I took out some of the brighter colored flowers, so the remaining ones were more monochromatic. I put the flowers in a pitcher with sliced up lemon. It took two lemons for me to cover my pitcher. The lemon slices will float when you put them in, so you'll have to kind of push them done to stack them on top of each other. The more flowers in the vase, the better, it will help the lemons stay in place. 

I took the extra flowers from the first bouquet and cut them off their stems. I put them in a glass bowl with some water. Super quick and easy, and super cute. 

Carnations- $7.00

Carnations are a super common, affordable flower. What I love most about them is the color. You can find carnations in lots of colors. These ones were a beautiful dusty pink. Put into a simple, rectangular vase, they look beautiful, and fancier than they really are. 

Tulips- $5.00

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. They're super simple, and look so fresh and springy. Since this bouquet was pretty small, and the flower is simple, I put them in a really interesting vase. This is one my brother made for me awhile ago. The tulips are the perfect complement to it, and it makes are really interesting statement piece. 

I hope this gave you some ideas for how to add more flowers to your life. Let me know if you have any other fun ways to arrange flowers! 

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