What to Wear: St. Patrick's Day

Goodness, so many holidays this week! First Pi day and now it's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! What a crazy week. St. Patrick's Day was such a fun holiday when I was littler. My brothers and I were super strict about wearing green. We'd sleep in green pajamas in the fear of being pinched before we even woke up. But as I've gotten too old to go around pinching people, St. Patrick's Day has become less of a big deal. But I still think it's a really fun holiday. I like the idea that everybody color coordinates their outfits once a year. Since I know there are varying degrees of excitement about this holiday, I thought I'd share three different outfits for St. Patrick's Day, each based around different levels of excitement. 
Sure, I'll Wear Something Green
For those who really don't care, but are willing to put in some effort

This is obviously very green, but not at all St. Patrick themed. So it's a great option for the day when you don't really want to get festive.  

Wait, It's St. Patrick's Day?
For those who inevitably forget 

Not really green, but, hey, it's in there so it counts! 

Kiss Me, I'm Irish! 
For those who really, really like St. Patrick's Day 

A full on green shirt is great, but adding something that says Ireland on it makes this a very clear St. Patrick's Day fan outfit. Any of those cheesy pins or shamrock hats would work great here too. 

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