A Sister Missionary's Guide: Outerwear, Shoes, and Accessories

Outerwear: 1-2 coats, 1-2 blazers, 2-3 cardigans, 1-2 scarves, 1-2 gloves

Missionary guidelines: "Coats and other outerwear should fit well and be appropriate for the climate and condition of your mission."

- You need a warm coat! Even if you don't think you need one because you're going somewhere warm, you still need one. I went to a southern state where it snows maybe once a year, and it was cold during the winter. My brother, who's currently serving in Scottsdale, Arizona, had us send him his warmest coat. Bring a good, warm coat. 

- A raincoat is also a must. Even in dry places, it's going to rain and you'll probably be out in it, and a raincoat will keep you happy and dry. 
- You're coat needs to match everything, but it's also nice if you can get one that's colored. You'll spend a lot of time walking around and it will make you easier to see. My raincoat was bright red, and it was really helpful.

- I brought a couple blazers with me, and I really liked having them. They're great for meetings and interviews, when you want to look a little more dressed up. 
-Cardigans are also great. I'd recommend bringing a couple, for those days when you need an extra layer. Also, churches are always freezing, so they're great for Sundays. 

My recommendations

Shoes: 2-3

Missionary guidelines: "Footwear should be practical, comfortable, attractive, and appropriate for the climate and condition of your mission."

-When it comes to style vs. comfort, choose comfort. This was the area where I really had to swallow my fashion snobbery and get the grandma shoes. Best decision I made. My shoes weren't the most attractive, but I never got blisters and they lasted through my whole mission.
- Halfway through my mission I cracked and bought myself a cute pair of shoes. They were great for church and meetings, and I wish I'd have bought some sooner. When you know you're going to be inside for most of the day, it's a great time to wear the cute shoes.

-You're going to be walking around in all kinds of weather and conditions. Get shoes that are easy to clean, and water proof. 
- Bring boots! These are a lifesaver in cold weather and on rainy days. And also for when you're in the middle of nowhere walking through knee high grass on the side of the road. 
- Get a cheap pair of sneakers for exercise. You'll only use them if you go outside to exercise in the morning, and for service projects, so they don't have to be great quality.
- Get really good no show socks. You'll wear them practically every day, and it's really annoying if you have to constantly stop and fix them.
- Tights are pretty essential in the winter. I recommend getting fleece lined ones, they'll keep you nice and warm.

My Recommendations


Missionary guidelines; "Accessories should be simple and professional." 

- Stick to stud earrings. This was a really hard one for me, since I love big earrings, but they're too distracting. Small studs are perfect. 
- Necklaces need to be pretty simple and small. It's great to have a cute one if you want to dress you your outfit one day. 
- Definitely bring a watch! Even though you'll probably have a cell phone to keep track of time, it's nice to be able to keep track of time in a lesson without the obvious phone glances.

My Recommendations

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