A Sister Missionary's Guide to Clothes: Skirts

Skirts: 3-4

Missionary guidelines: "Choose skirts with patterns and colors that you can mix and match with a variety of blouses and tops. Skirts should fully cover the entire knee (front and back) when you are standing or sitting. 

- Skirts are the foundation of a sister missionary's wardrobe; make sure they're made out of good, sturdy material. 
- Get a few neutral colors that will go with everything.

- Make sure you can move in them. You may be riding a bike, and you'll definitely be doing things you never expected to do in a skirt. Like chasing down someone's runaway dog, or mowing a person's yard, to give a couple examples.

- Maxi skirts are great for the winter, when it's cold and want to cover your legs. Be careful what material they're made out of. Some of the thinner materials tend to cling to you and draw a little too much attention to your shape. 

My Recommendations

I bought three of this style skirt for my mission,
 and they were great! Last forever, easy to clean,
 don't wrinkle. Definitely get one of these! 

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